Jenna Palm, Owner, RYT 500

Coming from a background of dance and gymnastics, Jenna saw yoga as a new physical challenge. She attended regular yoga classes on her college campus and quickly fell in love with the practice. She began teaching in 2010.

For Jenna, yoga has been a way to find peace, grounding, energy, playfulness and humility. She approaches each practice with a curious mind and strives to learn something new about herself every time she steps onto her mat.

In Jenna’s classes, poses are carefully placed and sequenced to offer a safe, fun and playful experience. She encourages her students to be mindful of their limitations and helps them to adapt each class to their own needs, body types and ability levels.  She is grateful she is able to pursue her passion with this wonderful community in Medford, Massachusetts.

Amie Lytle, RYT 200

Amie’s first experience with yoga was in gym class.  Not a natural athlete, Amie shied away from anything that involved hand-eye coordination.  Yoga proved to be physically challenging but not aggressive or competitive. She has since been amazed by the bountiful benefits of yoga!

For the past 10 years, Amie has taken every opportunity to get on her mat.  She became a teacher in 2012 and has trained with Frog Lotus Yoga, YogaHope, Triple Gem School of Thai Massage, North End Yoga and Christie Rosen.

Amie’s teaching emphasizes staying present on your mat and cultivating gratitude and self-love through the yoga practice. Amie loves developing creative flows designed to increase strength, flexibility, and balance in the body. For more information about Amie, check out her website.

Erin Keady, RYT 500, M.Ed

Erin Keady completed her 200 hour teacher training with Ame Wren and David Vendetti at the South Boston Yoga studio in 2013. In addition, she was certified via YogaFit, Level 1 in 2007.

A school teacher by day, Erin brings her passion for education into yoga. Each class is taught with the intention of building body awareness, strength, flexibility and confidence both physically and internally.

Erin has the gift of creating a safe and inclusive space for her students, regardless of body type or fitness level. Students are encouraged to push themselves beyond their limits, whether that means encouraging themselves to move forward or allowing themselves to step back. She gears class towards students who are coming for a physical workout, internal grounding, or a combination of both.

For more information about Erin, check out her website.

Holland Sweeney, RYT 200

Holland’s yoga practice began as a casual affair.  It took a few years for her to fully realize the massive impact that the movements of the body have on the mind, emotions and relationships.  It wasn’t long before she quit her office job and dedicated her energies to the things and people that she loves, to her health and the health of those around her. She likes to think that yoga has helped immensely in making her a better, nice, and kinder person, and continues to do so.

Holland completed the 200-hour teacher training program at O2 Yoga Studio in Cambridge, MA in 2012. She has continued her training with Josh Summers, completing Yin Yoga teacher training in 2015.  She is passionate about painting, gardening, ayurveda, and hosts vegan Sunday potlucks for her friends and community.

For more information about Holland, check out her website.

Kara McCabe, RYT 200 

Kara began practicing yoga in high school after a handful of orthopedic surgeries left her unable to participate in team sports. As a result, her teaching seeks to align the body in a healthy way to correct alignment issues that occur on the mat and in our everyday lives. She believes in a practice that is at once joyful, challenging, and safe for all bodies. 

Kara completed her 200-hour training during a residency at the Kripalu Center in Stockbridge, MA in 2011. She continues her inquiry with advanced study in functional movement, working with diverse populations to build stronger and more comfortable movement patterns. When she is not on her mat, Kara is a graduate student at Tufts University, working on a PhD in English.

Lisa Small, Studio Manager, RYT 200

Lisa has been a student at The Corner Studio since 2014. She was initially called to yoga by the physical practice, but soon discovered that yoga had a transformational affect on her life beyond the mat. In 2017, she completed her 200 hour training with the Boston Yoga School to deepen her knowledge and refine her asana practice. In 2018, Lisa joined the The Corner Studio as manager. When she is not at the studio or on her mat, Lisa is crafting, cooking, or traveling the world.

Malissa Brennan, RYT 200

An educator by day and a yogini by night, Malissa first stepped onto the mat in 2007. Feeling both humbled and empowered by an invigorating vinyasa practice, she embarked on her 200-Hour teaching certification with Suzanne Leitner-Wise’s US1Yoga School in Alexandria, VA. Inspired by the rhythmic movement of vinyasa flow and the precise alignment of Iyengar, Malissa uses fluid sequencing to blur the seam between power and grace. A registered yoga teacher since 2010, she seeks to empower her students to rediscover their inner strength—just as her teachers have done for her. As a teacher, practitioner, and student, Malissa firmly believes that that yoga practice can become a transformative agent of peace, joy, and self-acceptance.

Marca Katz, RYT 500

Marca came to yoga 10 years ago during a time she was training for marathons, teaching step classes, and raising her 3 sons. Feeling a need for something with less impact but no less challenging, she was initially lured by the physical aspects of the practice, but kept returning to her mat as she experienced the many other benefits yoga brought into her life. Wanting to share this gift with others, she completed a 200-hour teacher training at Down Under Yoga in Newton/Brookline with Natasha Rizopolous and Kate Heffernan, and a 300-hour training at The Boston Yoga School with Ame Wren.  Her background includes degrees in nursing and exercise physiology, both of which have helped to inform her practice and teaching.   Her classes are alignment based, intelligently and creatively sequenced, and rooted in breath and flow.  She encourages her students to honor their own unique bodies, tune in to their inner voice, and practice in a safe and gentle way on and off their mat.

Mia Krabbendam, RYT 200

At the age of eight, Mia’s parents enrolled her in a yoga before-school program offered at her elementary school. Mia loved gymnastics and they had a feeling she might enjoy yoga too. They were right. Mia appreciated everything yoga offered her that she wasn’t able to find in gymnastics or elsewhere. What she didn’t know then, but understands in retrospect, is that a huge part of that fulfillment was because of the space yoga offered her to tune into something more solid and grounding than the thoughts racing in her head. In her teaching, she hopes to hold space for her fellow yogis to do the same. 

Mia’s philosophy around yoga is best described with one of her favorite quotes: yoga, like most good things, “must be cultivated with quiet grit, with perseverance and persistence. When we tend to the garden we’ve been given, everything blooms in due season” (AmyAnn Cadwell). Mia believes we should tend to ourselves in that way, and with a lot of gentle care, humility, and acceptance. In her classes, she strives to offer dynamic sequences to get out of the head and back into the body. She’s thrilled to be teaching at the Corner Studio and to be a part of this warm and inviting community!

Peter Nikolaidis, RYT 500

While he doesn’t recall exactly when he attended his first yoga class, Peter Nikolaidis is pretty sure it was sometime in the early 2000s. Maybe the late 90s. Okay, he really doesn’t remember, but it was a while ago.

In 2011, while unable to continue his usual practice of martial arts due to an injury, he turned to yoga to fill in the gap. Over time, yoga shifted to become more of a central component to his everyday life, alongside self-defense and mountain biking. Today, Peter refers to yoga as “how he puts himself back together after tearing himself apart in his other favorite activities.” Taking a functional, practical approach to yoga, his classes focus on what works for the individual student. Rather than urging students to pursue flashy, potentially dangerous poses which yield little benefit, he encourages simple poses and sequences that pose little risk and yield high rewards.

Peter was part of Jenna Palm’s inaugural RYT 200 teacher training, and will complete his 300 hour Teacher Training Certification in Yin Yoga and Meditation with Josh Summers in 2019.

For more information about Peter, check out his website.

Roxie Martin, RYT 500

Roxie Martin (formerly Ochadlik), is a Boston transplant originally from the high deserts of New Mexico.

She first tried this thing called “yoga” on a whim as a college freshman. Quickly, her new hobby turned into habit, and soon found herself studying yoga and practicing everyday. Her instruction is a combination of purposeful movement and breath, particular attention to the alignment of the physical and energetic body, lots of imagery and a little bit of humor. Her classes are derived from her personal practice, a dynamic experience of embodiment, fluidity, and stillness. She considers herself a movement professional, a slower flow-er, and both a skeptic and enthusiast. When not instructing or practicing yoga, Roxie is typically outdoors, riding bicycles, or walking her two big dogs.

For more information about Roxie, check out her website.

Sarah Hoffman, RYT 200

From the moment yoga entered Sarah’s life, it offered a safe space where she could cultivate a healthy relationship with her body and mind and learn to have compassion for herself and others. Soon thereafter, she realized yoga needed to be part of her life in a bigger way so, she enrolled in teacher training at O2 Yoga where she furthered her passion. Through her journey practicing and teaching yoga, she has become an advocate for its healing benefits and is now studying to be a psychotherapist at Lesley University.

Sarah is a trauma-informed yoga instructor and specializes in teaching yoga for emotional health and well-being. She teaches public yoga classes weekly, but also works privately with clients empowering them through yoga therapy.

In addition to O2’s 200 hour teacher training, she has taken Firefly Yoga International’s Trauma-Informed Yoga training and as Kate Graham’s 100 hour Yoga for Emotional Health & Healing.

Shireen Damghani, RYT 200

In Shireen’s classes, she synthesizes the knowledge that has been handed down from ancient yoga masters to her current teachers, and in turn to her. She focuses on helping people find their body’s innate intelligence through the yoga teachings. Her classes are dynamic and alignment focused for people of all shapes, sizes, and levels. The depth of the practitioner’s breath and commitment to practice will result in numerous benefits beyond the 10 fingers of one’s own hand! In general, she starts class slowly, building up to some intensity or “peak pose”, then gently brings it back down to cooling postures and final rest. She offers modifications for all levels and loves seeing the light and smiles appear on people’s faces after class.

Currently her practice is informed by the inspiration of many amazing teachers that she has been honored to meet during her journey. At this time, her main teachers are Andrea Fotopoulos (Anusara inspired Hatha Yoga) and early morning Ashtanga practice with Sam Glannon. As if all that was not enough, she currently studies Ayurvedic lifestyle principles and Ayurvedic Yoga with Kate O’Donnell. Last year, she participated in a 200-HR Ayurevedic Studies program. She sprinkles such principles throughout her classes as well.

In her 20 years of practice, Shireen has explored and made many discoveries in the different styles of yoga, namely Iyengar, Jivamukti, Kripalu, Kundalini, Power, Shadow and Sivananda Yoga with well-known teachers from each system. At this time her main focus is to refine her own practice and teaching by studying the primary series of Ashtanga and continue weekly classes with Andrea Fotopoulos.

For more information about Shireen, check out her website.